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When it comes to writing for the General Info Blog, our requirements for guest contributors are as follows: 

• The article must be written in English.

• Content must be 100 percent unique. Your post must be unique and cannot have been previously published somewhere else; we will not tolerate any instances of duplicated content. To verify that none of our written content has ever been distributed in whole or in part elsewhere, we pass every one of our documents through a cheat detector before transmission.

• The content must include a minimum of 800 words, and any pictures used must be free of copyright restrictions.

• Links should originate from reputable, authoritative websites. It is not necessary to include the link in the first paragraph.

• Include a proper title and description for the keyword that is being used in the article, as well as a separate mention of your main keyword.

• Make use of appropriate headers and subheadings to section off the material.

• Articles must be submitted in either the.doc or.docx format for Microsoft Word; we cannot accept submissions in any other format.

• The content ought to be instructive, helpful, legible, and straightforward to comprehend.

• Please identify the origins of the information and data that were used in the article.

Please take note that we do not tolerate any unlawful niches. Every lawful nook and cranny is acceptable.

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