Can You Double Up Swamp Cooler Pads? Is It Effective?

A swamp cooler is a simple device for cooling indoors as well as outdoors. Air flows through large-sized, water-soaked cooler pads. This causes cool air by evaporation. This can be done by increasing the thickness of the pads. It wills likely increase cooling in your swamp cooler. Do you think it would be possible to increase the cooling power of your swamp cooler?

You can double the size of your Swamp Cooler Pad to increase cooling efficiency. This increases surface area and water retention. Cooling may be reduced if the cooling resistance caused by cooling pads is more than that of airflow by a blower. The effectiveness of multiple cooler pads will depend on factors like the size of the blower, how big the pump is, and how many distribution lines there are.

The main variables that will determine how cooling will increase/decrease by double-up cooling pads are: Air flow rate is one thing, while water retention is another.

If cooler pads are made thicker to maximize water retention but the blower’s power is too high, this will reduce cooling rather than enhance it. Evaporation can also be compromised if airflow by the blower increases at the expense of thinning cooler pads. It is a well-known fact that swamp coolers are more efficient if there is less evaporation.

Cooling Pads Are An Important Part Of A Swamp Cooler

The swamp cooler cools with the evaporation water. Water is transformed from a liquid to a vapor state when it evaporates. This conversion requires heat energy. This heat can be extracted from the air. The cool, humid air we get from the front of the cooler is this.

While evaporation is certainly necessary, where do cooling pads fit in the picture?

To evaporate water and extract heat from it, water must come in contact with the air. The greater the contact between air and water, the higher the rate of evaporation.

These are where cooling pads come in. These pads are very durable and have high water retention. Water is always delivered to the right place by a water distributor. The water distributor ensures that the water gets to all points. To maximize this evaporation the contact area has been maximized with pads.

Double The Cooling Power Of Cooler Pads

As already mentioned, the key to higher evaporation is increasing contact between water & air. This will ultimately lead to more cooling.

The thickness of cooling pads is increased by stacking them against one another. This increases the amount of water that can be contacted per second by air. This leads to increased evaporation. This is why a thicker cooling pad can provide greater cooling.

Even if water delivery per second is the same, double the cooling pads to increase water retention and time. You will see more water in your cooler pads, and less water evaporated.

How To Maximize Cooling With Modified Pads

The surface area of cooler pads has increased by thickening them and combining them. To fully take advantage of the modified cooler pad, you will need to follow certain steps and replace them with the right ones. They aren’t necessary, but they’re recommended if your swamp cooler needs maximum cooling.

Higher Power Blower Engine

Power of the motor that drives it is one major factor that restricts airflow from the blower.

Even though airflow is not limited by using multiple cooling pads or overall cooling, you can still use a more powerful motor to increase it.

Higher evaporation is possible with higher airflow. More air will come in contact with the soaked cooler pads. The final result is that high-powered motors can directly impact cooling.

Larger Pump

Evaporation can also be increased by almost twofold the capacity of pads to hold water.

You can now use a larger pump that pumps more water through the cooler pad. It has a higher water retention capacity and can also deliver more water through it. This will increase the water flow through the cooler pad. This will result in higher evaporation.

Increasing Distribution Lines

Your swamp cooler won’t evaporate if the cooling pad is not completely dry. This will result in a significant drop in the cooling capacity of your swamp cooler.

A greater number of distribution tubes mean better water circulation. They can soak your cooler pads better, especially if you combine two of them.