The Complete Guide to Candle Making Supplies

You can make informed decisions about what you need and what you might be able to do without, I have separated the section into two sections: essential supplies and optional items.

Let me know if I have missed something. I believe I was fairly thorough. Looking for best places to purchase supplies? Try Aussie candle supplies. I use many of these products myself. This is it. Now you can have your beautiful candles.

Essential Supplies

Candle wax

The most important ingredient in candle making is wax. It keeps the wicks from burning and melting, then vaporizing in the air.

My candle-making wax guide contains more information on the various types of candle waxes, their pros, and cons, as well as where to purchase them.

Candle Wicks

Candle wax and wicking are just as important as candle wicks. Without them, candles wouldn’t light. Candle wax will melt once you light it. The wax will vaporize as the flame continues to burn, and the wick will eventually fall apart.

There are many types of wicks available. The size and type you need will depend upon the type of candle and its size. This handy table will help you choose the right wick type and size.

Some wicks are ‘pre-waxed. This means that they have been dipped into paraffin wax or honey wax. These wicks can be used for tea lights and smaller jar candles. They are also ideal for wick holders as they are more rigid than others. When working with soy, you’ll want to use ECO wicks and wicks for paraffin.

Candle Molds

You should also include candle molds in your supply of candle-making materials. You can get interesting shapes from your candles with their many shapes.

There are three types of candle molds: metal, plastic, and silicone. While metal will provide the best finish for your project, silicone and plastic offer more options to make your shapes.

You should know that certain waxes are not suitable for pouring into molds. Paraffin wax is the best choice for molds. However, you can also use beeswax and a paraffin/soy mix if you wish.

Pure soy and gel waxes are not suitable. You need a stronger, more stable wax that can hold its own.

Aussie Candle Supplies has many basic candle molds available for purchase.

Candle Jars

Aussie Candle Supplies also sells candle-making jars. They are an excellent alternative to traditional freestanding candles and look great too. You can use any kind of wax you like for candle making.

You don’t need to use jars decorative candle tins can be just as beautiful and luxurious.

Making jar candles is not always easy. This happens because candle wax contracts as it cools. A transparent jar can make this more obvious.

If you are looking for supplies to make candles, be sure to choose a jar with a smooth, polished interior. You can also buy frosted jars to hide any imperfections.

Double Boiler

A double boiler is the best way to melt wax without it burning off. You can purchase purpose-built double boiling pots on Amazon but many people already have the necessary equipment to make one.

A double boiler is a pan made of metal with water in it. On top, a heatproof or metal bowl. The water in the pan will boil, and the bowl will heat slowly.