What to Choose, Single-Story or Double-Story Home?

So, you have decided to build your own home and bought the land. The next question is whether to construct a single-story or a double-story house? Well, this depends upon various factors. You make the choice depending on the location, real estate, budget, and layout design.

The next thing would be to choose the right builder. Since there are so many builders in the market choosing one whom you can rely on is not an easy task. You are investing your life’s savings, so you need to analyse, compare, and choose the builder who can offer the best within your budget.

If you have decided to build in Ontario, Canada, you will get the best solutions for your home from the custom home builder Richmond Hill. They have a professional team who can offer you information on all your queries regarding construction and also help you right from the beginning to the end process to provide you the best building experience.

Here are some points that will help you decide whether to go for a single-story or double-story building.

Your Choice

What you like is the main thing to consider when you plan to build your own home. Some may like to have a garden so they will have to make more space vertically leaving some space for a garden. Some may decide to have more space and spread out their property.


Many think that a double-story would cost double and adds to your expense. However, it is not true. It would cost approximately around 10 to 15% higher, but with an efficient builder, you make it within your budget.

Your Lifestyle

When planning for your new home, you should consider not only the current lifestyle but also the future. Whether you are expecting children, or you may need a spacious layout just for entertaining purposes. You may need a two-story home if you are having teenagers. Make a list of important considerations and talk to your builder to get the best plans.


A double-story comes with a real concern since there will be a staircase. If you are having children or aged members, this becomes the real concern with potential hazards. Moreover, stairs also limit your furniture choosing choices since some may be impossible to be moved into through stairs.

Size of The Land

The size of your land plays an important role in deciding the style of your home. If the land size is small, double-story would be the best option to get more space. if you are unsure, discuss with your builder to know the options to maximize living and bedroom spaces and if possible, a decent backyard too.

Visual Appeal

When compared, a double-story building looks visually appealing even from a distance. Moreover, if your property has some good natural views, it is worth opting for a double-story building to enjoy the benefits.


A Double-story building offers privacy more than a single-story one. If you are having teenagers, they can organize their bedrooms upstairs and have privacy. Even if you are having guests, you can give them more space and have their privacy.

Finally, it all comes to a matter of personal taste and needs. Discuss with your builder to find the best solution.


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